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Hello friends! I am super excited to help you get started on this life changing journey!

My name is Tiffany Mark and I am 22 years old. I am a mom, wife and student.

2.7 years ago, I was a stress out, broke new mommy and busy college student not knowing what to do. It was either I go get a 9 to 5 job and miss my son’s milestone or be broke... which I did not want to choose either or those chooses.

I knew I needed some kind of job that I can work from home and still spend time with my family (which I didn’t think this job existed).
Then this cute soon to be mama one day followed me on Instagram and I followed her back. I saw that she was literally living her dream live and owning all her time! I wanted to be just like her, I was too scared to message her and didn’t have the money to get started at all.. so I waited....
On October 2018, that was the day I got started. Did not know what the heck I got myself into, just knew that I needed to do something in order to go places! And so I did.

This business has been a blessing in disguise in so many ways! It helps put gas in my car, pay grocery, my son’s necessities and even extra to pamper myself! Now I am able to own all my time and spend it how I want to.

Before filling out an application, here's a few thing that you'll need to know (or willing to learn) when starting to do this business with me!

- How to use IG, FB and/or TikTok
- Motivated and willing to learn to become an influencer
- How to create artistic IG & FB stories & post
- How to organically grow your network

Our team is the 2nd highest paid team in the company, fastest growing & being guided by the one of the top incomers in the company! Our whole time is ready to have you aboard!

If you are:
- Coachable
- Hard worker
- Ready to hustle
- Wanting to help change other lives
- Self Motivated
- A Dreamer

Fill out the application below! I WOULD LOVE TO SHARE THIS EXPERIENCE WITH YOU!

Can't wait to meet you!

Tiffany (:
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