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Below is a survey regarding the relationship between American Jews and the State of Israel. We would appreciate it if you could please dedicate a few minutes to answer the questions. Your answers will remain completely anonymous and will be used for research purposes only.
What direction do you think Israel has been developing in over the last decade? *
What are your feelings towards the State of Israel today? *
What is the definition of the State of Israel for you? *
How would you define the affinity between the State of Israel and the American Jews? *
How important do you think it is to the Israeli government to have a continuous and ongoing relationship with the American Jews? *
How would you define the Jewish life in the US today in comparison to the past? *
How important do you think it is for Israel to strengthen its relationship with American Jews? *
Do you think that today, in 2019, Israel needs to help the American Jews, or are the communities in the US strong and self-sufficient? *
What should be the top priority for the Jewish communities in the US? *
In your opinion, which are the most important topics for the Jewish communities in the US (you can choose more than one answer)? *
Which of the following topics do you consider as the most engaging for the younger generation of American Jews (ages 18-35)? *
What is your level of satisfaction with the actions of the different Israeli bodies in assisting the American Jews? *
In your opinion, who has more influence today in the US government regarding Israel affairs? *
What do you think is the most controversial issue between Israel and the American Jews? *
What do you think is the best way to resolve issues of disagreement between the Israeli government and the American Jews? *
To what extent does the conflict between the different Jewish denominations in the US strengthen or weaken American Orthodox Jews? *
What is your attitude towards other Jewish denominations in the US? *
How involved are you in the activities of the Jewish community you belong to? *
Have you personally encountered acts of anti-Semitism or calls to boycott Israel over the years? If so, how often? *
To what extent do you think that acts of anti-Semitism and the BDS are increasing and becoming a problem for American Jews? *
If you could choose today, where would you have preferred to be born and raise your children? *
Which of the following Pro Jewish-Zionist organizations operating in the US does the most important activities? *
If you could request, which topic do you think is the most important to ask Israel to increase its assistance to communities in the US? *
What is the level of personal and social connections between you and Israelis who came to the US in the last generation? *
Gender: *
Age: *
Marital status: *
Where were your parents born?
Where were your grandparents born?
What is your religious identity? *
I view the world from the perspective of a: *
What is the level of your connection to Israel? *
state: *
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