Revised SBCC Survey - Search for New Pastor
1/1/19 NOTE: This survey is revised from October 2017 and includes new questions
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Please rank our future Pastor's areas of focus - rate all answers 1-5, 1 being of primary importance: (Only one response per column. [Columns are up and down] Remember - once you have used a column it is disabled for choice for another row.) *
Grow & develop church family
Develop youth programming
Provide counsel and guidance during times of support
Provide Pastoral Care
Relate sermons to everyday life
How would you like to see the future Pastor improve relations with the wider community - Check all that apply: *
The following suggestions have been discussed as part of the search process. Check any that are of interest to you. *
To what extent are you receptive to changes, such as those above? *
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Is our church welcoming and inviting? *
What might our church do to be more welcoming? *
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How would you engage young families... -Check all that Apply *
How can SBCC congregation have a greater impact on our community? *
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What hopes and dreams do you see for our church? *
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What would you like to tell the search committee that we have not asked? (Please limit to 50 words)
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