A La Mojo's Getting to Know You Questionaire
For us to best photograph you we need to know what lights up your world.  We want to know what is your unique brand of Mojo.  This is how we can get creative in how we photograph you.
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First name
Last Name
What do you enjoy doing so much that when you do it you often lose track of time?
What do you spend most of your days doing?
If you could do anything in the world and be paid well to do it what would you do?
When was the last time you had a photograph taken that you were over the moon delighted with?
Do you want this photoshoot to be just for you or are there others who will be in it as well?  If there are can you tell me who they are, if they need makeup and hair done, and how old they are.
If you could only ever have three things with you on a trip to outerspace what would you bring with you?
What styles appeal to you?
If you are bringing anyone else to the shoot tell me what makes them special.
What motivated you to do this photoshoot?
What are your favourite magazines?
What are your favourite webpages to browse.   Do you read any blogs or listen to any podcasts?  If so which ones?
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