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Thank you so, so much for your time! I'm collecting feedback on my impact as a Diversity & Inclusion (D&I) advocate as I appeal for a 50/50 job, that is, a job where I'm evaluated 50% on my software engineering work and 50% on my D&I impact.

For reference, here's a non-exhaustive spreadsheet tabulating my D&I work:

I spend the majority of my nights and weekends (about ~10-15 business hours/week) on D&I, which includes managing the 10 amazing members of the Women of Silicon Valley team, working with our Events Leads on planning an inaugural conference, public speaking, and mentorship. I want to have my D&I work accounted for and rewarded as part of my day job because constraining it to after-hours has become increasingly unsustainable, both for my career advancement and health. A 50/50 job would ensure I'm not evaluated the same way as someone who isn't asked to perform the volume of D&I advocacy I am and can focus 100% on their engineering work.

So, if you have any feedback on how I've touched your career journey (hopefully in a positive way) I greatly appreciate it!

Love, Lea

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