NYSSB - Seal Request Form (2019-20)
The Office of Bilingual Education and World Languages will provide the physical Seal stickers to be placed on the diplomas and a medallion for each student along with a certificate template. Each school awarding the Seal must submit this online Seal Request form by no later than May 31st of each year.

In addition, in order to receive the physical Seals, schools must also submit a completed End-of-Year Data form (as an Excel spreadsheet – do not send a PDF or a link) emailed to obewldocsubmit@nysed.gov.

Physical Seals and medallions will only be provided for students who have completed all of the required criteria at the time the Seals are ordered. If additional students complete the requirements after the deadline (for instance, students who are waiting for AP/IB exam scores that are generally available in July), schools must resubmit an amended “School Request form” and an “End of Year Data form” once the scores are available so that the remaining Seals can be mailed to the contact person.
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