The impact of COVID 19 on the cancer care workforce
A research team led by professor Andreas Charalambous, undertakes a survey on the impact of COVID-19 on the cancer care workforce (SHIELD Study), as a means to comprehensively understand how the workforce has been influenced by the pandemic.
The objective of this study is to assess the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic on healthcare professionals with regards of resilience, burnout and coping. We would highly appreciate your participation in the study as your perspectives will provide information that will allow the scientific nursing community to develop and adopt effective interventional programs to effectively and efficiently address the aforementioned factors.
The study complies with all the National and International Ethical guidelines.  
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Gender *
Age *
Country of Origin *
Education *
Working Experience in Cancer Care *
Work Setting *
Current Position *
I have been turning to work or other activities to take my mind off things *
I have been concentrating my efforts on doing something about the situation I'm in *
I have been saying to myself "this isn't real" *
I have been using alcohol or other drugs to make myself feel better *
I have been getting emotional support from others *
I have been giving up trying to deal with it *
I have been taking action to try to make the situation better *
I have been refusing to believe that it has happened *
I have been saying things to let my unpleasant feelings escape *
I have been getting help and advice from other people *
I have been using alcohol or other drugs to help me get through it *
I have been trying to see it in a different light, to make it seem more positive *
I have been criticizing myself *
I have been trying to come up with a strategy about what to do *
I have been getting comfort and understanding from someone *
I have been giving up the attempt to cope *
I have been looking for something good in what is happening *
I have been making jokes about it *
I have been doing something to think about it less, such as going to movies, watching TV, reading, daydreaming, sleeping or shopping *
I have been accepting the reality of the fact that it has happened *
I have been expressing my negative feelings *
I have been trying to find comfort in my religion or spiritual beliefs *
I have been trying to get advice or help from other people about what to do *
I have been learning to live with it *
I have been thinking hard about what steps to take *
I have been blaming myself for things that happened *
I have been praying or meditating *
I have been making fun of the situation *
I feel emotionally drained from my work *
I feel used up at the end of the workday *
I feel fatigued when I get up in the morning and have to face another day on the job *
I feel easily understand how my recipients feel about things *
I feel I treat some recipients as if they were impersonal objects *
Working with people all day is really a strain for me *
I deal very effectively with the problems of my recipients *
I feel burned out from my work *
I feel I am positively influencing other people's lives through my work *
I have become more callous towards people since I took this job *
I worry that this job is hardening me emotionally *
I feel very energetic *
I feel frustrated by my job *
I feel I am working too hard on my job *
I don't really care what happens to some recipients *
Working with people directly puts too much stress on me *
I can easily create a relaxed atmosphere with my recipients *
I feel exhilarated after working closely with my recipients *
I have accomplished many worthwhile things in this job *
I feel like I'm at the end of my rope *
In my work, I deal with emotional problems very calmy *
I feel recipients blame me for some of their problems *
Able to adapt to change *
Close and secure relationships *
Sometimes fate or God can help *
Can deal with whatever comes *
Past success gives confidence for new challenges *
See the humorous side of things *
Coping with stress strengthened *
Tend to bounce back after illness or hardship *
Things happen for a reason *
Best effort no matter what *
You can achieve your goals *
When things look hopeless, i don't give up *
Know where to turn for help *
Under pressure, focus and think clearly *
Prefer to take the lead in problem solving *
Not easily discouraged by failure *
Think of self as strong person *
Make unpopular or difficult decisions *
Can handle unpleasant feelings *
Have to act on a hunch *
Strong sense of purpose *
In control of your life *
I like challenges *
You work to attain your goals *
Pride in your achievements *
Thank you for taking the time to complete this survey. We truly value the information and the insight you have provided. Your responses will contribute to our analyses of the COVID-19 impact on healthcare professionals with regards of resilience, burnout and coping and suggest new lines of approach to the optimal support of the oncology workforce.
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