Board Member Application
Hello! We’re excited that you’re interested in being a board member at The Torch Theatre. Being a board member means you will have a big hand in shaping the future of the theatre; you will have a big hand in shaping the future of The Torch, and we appreciate your willingness and commitment to want to be a part of that.

Your responsibilities will include:

* Attending and participating in regular meetings (2-3 a month). Just because you’re new, doesn’t mean we don’t want your active voice in these meetings

* Committing to staying in electronic contact with other Board members in order to ensure good communication

* Being staff member on duty for weekend shows. You won't have to be on duty every weekend, but expect to be available a few times a month. This means being at the theatre to open or close and be available for any questions that volunteers may have.

* Taking on responsibilities in the ongoing growth and maintenance of the theatre. This includes being thoughtful in proposing new projects and taking leadership roles in those projects.

* Committing to be a board member for at least two years. (Obviously, if a major change happens in your life, things may change)

It helps if you're someone already familiar with The Torch, but it's not a requirement. We also have Student Board members, so if you are currently taking classes and would like to help out at the Torch, we encourage you to apply. We also would like people who have been involved in working on Torch projects in the past.If you don't think a board membership will work with your schedule right now, you can still be actively involved in shaping our future. Just talk to us and we’ll find other ways to get you involved.

One final note. We aren’t looking for people with the exact same ideas as the existing board. That’s not how we grow. We’re looking for people who love The Torch but have ideas how it can be even better. We want to hear your ideas and passions. Don’t be shy about sharing them here.

*Don’t stress on what the exact definition of “being a member” is. It’s however you define your relationship with this community.

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