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Transferring into our House?
This excerpt is taken from Section 5 of the City of Fountains Sisters of Perpetual Indulgence Policies and Procedures manual, version 1.0, pages 11 and 12.

Members from other Houses who desire to transfer into COFS from other Houses of The Sisters of Perpetual Indulgence will be required to adhere to the following convention:
⦁ Communicate with the Prioress/Prior or Mistress/Master of Novices; 11
the MoN will schedule a meeting with the voting FP members of COFS within 30 days.
⦁ Provide a Letter of Recommendation from the President or Vice- President of their previous House.
⦁ Complete a probationary period of three (3) to six (6) months where they retain the title of "Sister/Guard". That way the transferred member can see how the house conducts themselves with the public.
This time will be used as an adjustment period.
⦁ Select a Sponsor (FPM Sister/Guard in good standing and not on Sabbatical) within COFS at the approval of the Mistress/Master of Novices. They may not manifest within COFS area of operation without an COFS FPM Sister/Guard (in good standing, an d not on Sabbatical).
⦁ They typically dress all in black and are encouraged to dress for events in theme specific attire.
⦁ They may manifest as a Sister/Guard of their previous House outside of COFS area of operation.
⦁ They may not speak on behalf of COFS to the press or public.
⦁ They do not have voting rights.
⦁ They may not serve on the board, in Mistress/Master positions or chair a committee.
⦁ A GM may define other rights and/or restrictions as necessary

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