TAP-DC Taiwan Valentines Day Speed Social Event
Not a lot of people are aware that 8/17 is Valentines Day in Taiwan this year. To celebrate it...

Come out to TAP-DC's inaugural Speed Social! It's not limited to singles only. Everyone is welcome to come meet other locals.

Tickets will be $15 including 1 drink ticket.

This is how it will go down for participants that are selected:

1) We will pair people up at tables.
2) 5 minutes per round.
3) After 7 rounds, we will take a 5-10 min break. After the, break we will continue again...
4) Please plan to stay for the whole event. If you need to leave before the event is over due to emergency, let us know.
5) TAP-DC will ensure all personal information is protected.

Participation is limited. Hurry up and fill out the survey to see if you will be chosen as a finalist!

Other than contact information, all other questions are voluntarily.

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