CTS General Youth Council Application Form
As a General Youth Council Member, you will help aide the rest of the Youth Council into the planning and executing of CTS events. Learn valuable skills while also having a great time with other youth!
Name (first and last)
Preferred Pronouns
What has made you interested in being apart of the General Youth Council
In the past, how have you been apart of CTS? (Participant? PL? Ranger PL? Youth Council?)
What experience(s) do you have that would benefit you in being apart of the General Youth Council? (Extra curricular activities? jobs? Neat experiences? etc. ) - max. 150 words
What about yourself makes you an ideal member for the CTS General Youth Council? - max. 150 words
What are your current commitments that you have right now ? (Extra Curricular activities? Jobs? etc.)
Tell us about how you heard of the CTS General Youth Council
Lastly, tell us a funny joke or pun :)
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