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Total Student Enrollment
Description of School/Nature of School
School's Accreditation/Accrediting Agencies
Description of Curriculum
Required Credits for Graduation
Description of Academic Levels/Programs/Magnets
Average ACT Scores
Average SAT Scores
Usage of Class Rank or Other Method of Quantifying Student Achievement
GPA Scale
Grading Scale
AP Classes Offered
Total Scholarship Dollars Earned (Class of 2013)
Percentage Attending College (Class of 2013)
College Placement of Graduates (Class of 2013)
National Merit (Class of 2013)
Number of Governor's Scholars Program Participants (Class of 2013)
Number of Governor's School for the Arts Participants (Class of 2013)
College Credit Hours Earned (Class of 2013)
Community Service Hours Accumulated (Class of 2013)
School Visitation Policy for Admission Representatives
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