Hosting Students for 2017 GEAR Program
Thank you for your participation in the 2016 GEAR Program or interest in the GEAR program. We had another successful year and we would not be able to offer such a great program without the support and dedication from the faculty. According to students' feedback, this is really a fruitful experience to them. Please take a moment to help provide some feedback on this year's program and if you would be available to host students in 2017.

If you did not host students in 2016, please ignore the questions about feedback for the recent program.

To learn more about the program:
The 2017 GEAR Program is July 5- August 4, 2017
Faculty that host receive $500 per student to go toward their research lab.

Please share some strengths of the 2016 program
(If you didn't host in 2016- ignore first few questions)
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Please share some weaknesses/suggestions for improvement of the program
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Will your student's research be published? If so please list Journal and student
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