Tell Me More! - Listening Sessions Planning Survey
The Session of NLPC has committed to a strategic planning process to explore our future together They considered many areas of possible study, but after careful consideration they identified two areas of primary focus at this time.

Worship - When do we worship? With whom do we worship? How do we worship? Where do we worship? What can or should change? What do we want to remain the same? What do changes support? What do changes threaten?

Building use - What happens in the building? Who uses the building? How do we support the cost of operating and maintaining the building? What are the policies for use of the building? How do we develop new relationships with groups or congregations using the space?

You may chose not to respond to any of these items , none are required.

Some items allow you to make only one choice; this is done on purpose in an effort to be very specific in how we structure the sessions.

Your responses to this survey will help us offer listening sessions and options to encourage the greatest participation in this discussion. Please provide us with what matters to you in sharing your knowledge and vision of the future of New Life Presbyterian Church. Thank you for participating.

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