STEM Interest (PRE) Questionnaire
The questions below are designed to help your teacher understand your interests in STEM: Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math.
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Respond to each of the statements below about STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Math).
I am able to get a good grade in my STEM (Science,Technology, Engineering Math). *
 I am able to complete my homework related to STEM (Science,Technology, Engineering Math). *
I work hard in my classes that use STEM (Science,Technology, Engineering Math). *
I like my classes that use STEM (Science,Technology, Engineering Math). *
It is difficult to earn a good grade in my classes that use STEM (Science,Technology, Engineering Math). *
I plan to use STEM in my future career. *
If I do well in STEM classes, it will help me in my future career. *
I do not like my classes that use STEM (Science,Technology, Engineering Math). *
My family would like it if I choose a STEM career. *
I am interested in careers that use STEM. *
I would like to study STEM in college. *
I have a role model in a STEM career. *
Computer programming is easy. *
I would feel comfortable talking to people who work in STEM careers. *
How I do in STEM class will not impact my future career. *
I would like to take more STEM Classes. *
Using computers is easy for me. *
People who work in STEM have fun. *
I enjoy talking to other people about STEM topics. *
I like doing STEM projects at home. *
Knowledge of computing skills (programming/coding) will help me get a good job. *
I use computing skills (programming/coding) in my daily life. *
Computer programming is hard. *
I am confident in my ability to use computers. *
I am good at solving problems using computers. *
I usually understand what is being talked about when doing computer activities.   *
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