Aalto 10 Exhibition- Alumni Interview
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Aalto Curators are collecting memories and suggestions from alumni for inclusion in an Aalto 10 Exhibition opening in Dipoli Gallery Autumn 2020. Please submit your answers by 10.05.20
If you have any difficulty with the form but would like to share your stories, you can contact Aalto Curators Edel O' Reilly (edel.oreilly@aalto.fi) and Bilge Hasdemir (bilge.hasdemir@aalto.fi)
Can you please tell us who you are and your connection to Aalto University? Please include the years your were a student and which school.
Event Timeline: We will include a timeline of key events in the exhibition. Are there any events of note that you would like to see included? Please include as much detail as possible such as year/time, names, place, school, visual description.
Memorable People: This exhibition will celebrate the achievements of student body as a collective but also pay respect to those who played a key role in student life. Please include any details of memorable people such as this from your time at Aalto.
Archive Artefacts: We will include material from the AYY and Aalto Archives in the exhibition. Are there any events, items or artefacts of note that you would like to see included? Please include as much detail as possible such as year/time, names, place, school, visual description.
Social Places / Hidden Spaces: We will include a virtual tour of Otaniemi for visitors to the exhibition and want to know your stories of student life and the places where they happened, officially or unofficially. Share places of interest here:
Stories: Thinking of these events, people, social places and objects from your student life, do any Aalto stories come to mind that capture a moment where the students came together in good spirits to do something for society?
How would you describe the community spirit at university when you were a student?
Where were the locations on campus where you would see student activities take place?
When you were a student, who influenced you most in terms of motivation: your fellow students, student union organisers, your professors, external industry figures, etc?
Was there a particular change happening or about to happen when you were a student such as a campus move, change to curriculum or change in society? Can you describe how people felt about it.
How you would describe the spirit of the campus while studying?
How would you describe the student unions and associations influence on campus?
Many schools moved from Helsinki to Otaniemi over the years. Which different school cultures and traditions do you think are still the most active and visible?
During your studies, what activities got you involved in the student community?
Can you give examples of some of these social activities?
How did these activities influence the identity of student culture at university?
Thank you for sharing your past memories, what do you imagine Aalto University student life in the future?
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