J-style fashion show 2018 model form
Thank you for your interest in the J-style fashion show, our show would be nothing without our models!
All J-fashion styles are welcome.
If required models will be given a 1 day pass for the Saturday.
There will also be a raffle, with a brand gift, for models who take part (winner will be announced at the 101 panel)
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Brands used:
Please include any brands you want mentioned when announcing your outfit (optional)
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Rough plan of your outfit:
Please include a link to a photo of your coordinate/outfit plan.
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Do you require a day ticket? *
Models who need it will be given a 1 day pass for the Saturday.
Are you able to attend the dress rehearsal?
Dress rehearsal at 9:30am, just meet us at the main stage.
Please join our FB group to help keep up to date with the show:
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Be sure to attend the Lolita fashion 101 panel
The winner of the raffle will be announced at the end of the panel!
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