Denver Public Library ideaLAB Maker in Residence Application
The ideaLABs, Denver Public Library's makerspaces, are great places to learn, make, and share. To support learning and making in Denver, the ideaLABs run their Maker in Residence program. Are you a visual artist? Musician? Electronics wizard? Programmer? If you enjoy making things and teaching people new skills, we would love to hear from you!

The ideaLAB Maker in Residence will work out of one of our six ideaLABs for 2 hours a week for 8 weeks, working on a project of their choosing, which will be displayed in that ideaLAB at the end of their residency. We'll pay you a stipend of $500 for your time working and sharing with the public, and you get access to our tools, opportunity to learn new skills, public exposure for your work, and a chance to share your talents with your community and all the warm fuzzy feelings that entails. Makers may also host workshops, drop-in hours, or other events to share their skills with the public. We'll work with you to figure out what works.

We are currently looking for ten makers for residencies throughout 2020. Residencies will be held in six of our makerspaces:
SM Energy ideaLAB in the Central Library:
Hampden Branch Library:
Hadley Branch Library:
Montbello Branch Library:
Rodolfo "Corky" Gonzales Branch Library:
Sam Gary Branch Library: OPENING by Summer 2020.

One of the questions below asks you to rank your preference for which library you would prefer. Please note that, due to scheduling and demand, we may offer you a residency at a library that is not your top choice.

Please familiarize yourself with what the ideaLABs are currently doing, our schedules, and the tools we have available by visiting our pages at before applying.

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You may be asked to work from any one of four ideaLABs. Please rank them in order, from your top choice (1) to your last (5). *
SM Energy ideaLAB at the Central Library, 10 W 14th Avenue Pkwy
Hadley Branch Library, 1890 S Grove St
Hampden Branch Library, 9755 E Girard Ave
Montbello Branch Library, 12955 Albrook Dr
Rodolfo "Corky" Gonzales Library, 1498 N. Irving Street
Sam Gary Branch Library, 2961 Roslyn St.
Denver Public Library Maker in Residence Program Agreement
This is not an offer of employment, and as a “Maker in Residence” you will be considered an independent contractor. The maker-in-residence is a contracted position for eight weeks.

The Maker in Residence will receive a one-time payment of $500. This stipend is to cover the costs of their personal project they will be working on in the ideaLAB. The library will provide funding for supplies for any public programs.

The maker-in-residence will have a minimum of two hours of studio time per week onsite in an ideaLAB. Their schedule will be negotiated with the ideaLAB staff at the location of their residency. The Maker in Residence must maintain a regular schedule in order to facilitate promotion of the program and opportunities for the public to interact with the Maker in Residence.

A portion of our lab space will be designated for project being worked on by the artist/maker on display.

At the discretion of both the Maker in Residence and the library staff, the Maker in Residence may also offer workshop(s), drop-in sessions, or other venues to share their skills with the public. Any events will be made available to the general public, with DPL responsible for participant recruitment and advertising, as well as any costs for workshop materials. All event times and locations are to be determined by DPL in consultation with the Maker in Residence.

The Maker in Residence will be responsible for providing a list of all necessary consumable supplies for workshops to DPL staff at least three weeks ahead of their scheduled date. All leftover supplies will become the property of DPL. The Maker in Residence will be responsible for the cost of any supplies used while working on personal projects in the ideaLAB.

Any resulting artwork or product created by the Maker in Residence will be exhibited for a period of 3 months. Makers-in-residence are encouraged to donate a piece of work to the ideaLAB, though it is not required.

Maker in Residence is responsible for any travel costs related to Maker in Residence activities.
By entering my initials below, I agree to the terms of the Denver Public Library Maker in Residence Program as stated above if accepted as a Maker in Residence.
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