Owlypia Online Round 10th April
Owlypia is a UK based knowledge competition. Young individuals compete with others internationally, showing their knowledge and skills in their favorite subject areas. Owlypia Competitions are the first step to an exciting journey aiming to inspire the intellectual curiosity in young minds around the world. By studying the content of each subject carefully, students prepare themselves for the competition. Owlypia has reached over 9,255 participants from 81 countries in three years. Owlypia currently has 340 Exam Centres (OWEX) in 81 countries.
What is Owlypia?

Owlypia – The Intellectuals’ Challenge is an international platform for students aged:

9-11 (Owlins)
12-14 (Owlets)
15-18 (Owlys)

Owlypia Subjects:

“Teamwork: Achieving Together” is the theme of the year 2020-2021! The theme is incorporated through all the subjects.

• Art & Design
• Literature & Culture
• Economics & Business
• Science & Technology
• Social Sciences

Owlypia Online Round Dates for 2020-2021

• 10 April, 2021
• 29 May, 2021

You must participate in any one or more of the Owlypia Online or Owlypia Local Virtual in order to qualify for participation in Owlypia Global.

How to take part in Owlypia Online Round:
a. Sign up below.
b. Receive Payment details.
c. Upon payment, send us a photo of your paid receipt at owlypia@eyeonivy.com 1 week before the competition date.
d. Receive a confirmation email within 24 hours.

Deadline to register and pay fee is 1 week before the competition date.

For more information visit: https://www.owlypia.org/

Feel free to reach out to us at owlypia@eyeonivy.com or +92 318 7272 100 | +92 42 3595 8444
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