Application for Optional Virtual Delivery of Education for Fall Semester 2020

Due to the COVID-19 Emergency, Cache Public Schools will offer a full-time virtual option for schooling. Approval for this option is for an individual student and is subject to approval by the School Administrator. An appeal process for any student who is denied will be available.

The virtual option for schooling will be for core subjects (reading/English, math, social studies, & science) and state requirements (PE in elementary and graduation requirements in HS). Students in MS & HS, for example, will have 6 subjects to complete each semester. Delivery of education subjects will be through a computerized delivery method, using the vendor Fuel Education. The student should be able to work through the program independently; however, a parent will need to monitor educational progress at home. A teacher will be assigned as a contact to help the student.

Students are required to attend school for standardized state testing. A small group testing session may be administered at parent request.

If students wish to participate in competitive athletics, fine arts, or other activities governed by the OSSAA, they are required to attend school for one hour per day. This hour can be the athletics or activity hour. Students are also required to remain eligible by maintaining acceptable progress in the Fuel Ed program.

This program comes at a cost to the district. The student is not charged for this service; however, limitations apply.
(1) The parent & student must commit to a full semester if this option is selected. This is not only due to the cost but also due to the fact that the program teaches subject matter in a differing order from the traditional classroom. The student will have a ten-day trial period and may be charged penalties after that time when discontinuing the virtual option.
(2) Students may receive a device for this option based on need. The student will be responsible for returning the device in working condition, or they will be responsible for damage, similar to a textbook.
(3) This option must be deemed educationally appropriate. If a student severely struggles in processing written material, for example, reading passages and learning independent of the classroom may not be appropriate.
Also, in elementary, especially, there may be a substantial burden for parents to help students organize packets of material and assist with lesson delivery by logging in the student and monitoring lessons. The reading level will be considered for secondary students, as well.

If a family desires this option, please fill out a form for each student. Someone at the school will contact you after the beginning of August.
What is the name of the student? (One student for each form.) *
What is the student's grade? *
Please provide brief reasoning for requesting virtual schooling. (Virtual options are only provided for COVID-19 related requests.) *
Do you have access to Internet in your home? *
Do you have cell phone service at your home? *
Does the student have access to a device (Desktop computer, laptop, Chromebook, iPad)? *
Please tell us the type of device available for virtual lessons. You may write N/A if you selected that no device is available. *
Will you have more than 3 students that are completing virtual learning in the same home? *
If you answered yes to the previous question, do you have at least a device for every 2 students? *
Will a parent or adult be available to assist the student with virtual lessons? *
Please provide the name of the primary parent responsible for monitoring virtual learning at home. *
Please provide the email of the primary parent responsible for monitoring virtual learning at home. *
Does your student have an IEP or 504 individual plan? (We may need to meet to address individual needs for virtual learning if so. This does not disqualify your student for virtual learning.) *
What questions and/or concerns do you have about virtual learning? *
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