Parent Survey on Minimum Tuesdays
I have been working with teacher and administration to sort out the use of the minimum days. In short, they are useful in grades K-8 and in high school are only needed a few times a month. Based on that, I have worked with the transportation department to see if we can bus a K-8 early release and still do a regular high school run at the end of the day. The drivers have figured out a plan that they believe will work.

Based on working with staff, we will have K-8 minimum days every Tuesday. The High School and Sanhedrin will remain on the calendar created at the start of the year. High school has a requirement of a lot more minutes of instruction that must be done and taking off every Tuesday is not an option.

The only exception to every Tuesday for K-8 is the last week of school. Traditionally students are released early on the last day which is Friday June 5th. All K-12 students will be release at 11:30 on that day.
Which option would you like to see for the rest of the school year. *
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