Training & Scholarship Application
Thank you for your interest in becoming a Certified Warriors at Ease Teacher!

The reason for this application process is to ensure clear expectations for Warriors at Ease, the Faculty and training participants. Warriors at Ease wants to ensure its Certified Teachers are as well-prepared as possible to serve the military population and represent Warriors at Ease in places such as the Department of Defense, the Veterans Health Administration, the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs, and other military and/or government entities or organizations.
Warriors at Ease Learning Environment Standards
This training is a learning environment, meaning that students will be expected to maintain an environment that supports and fosters learning, resilience, excellence, compassion, and integrity for all participants and faculty. This will be an environment where learners and faculty are willing to engage in a learning process that can be inherently uncomfortable or challenging, and where the environment is rooted in respect for everyone.
Certified Warriors at Ease Teachers (WAETs)
Upon completion of Warriors at Ease Level 2 training, graduates are eligible to participate in the Warriors at Ease credentialing process. Certification is not guaranteed and is given at the discretion of the experienced Warriors at Ease faculty. The Faculty will work with each graduate individually to ensure they are supported through the certification process.

Warriors at Ease Teachers are required to renew certification on a yearly basis. Certification renewal will require all and up to date CPR certification, personal liability insurance, 15 hours of teaching, and 5 hours of continuing education.
Policies & Procedures
When teaching or representing Warriors at Ease teachers must conduct themselves in accordance with the Warriors at Ease Policies and Procedures. WAE Policies are reviewed in the Level 2 Training, are listed on the Resources for Teachers webpage and any updated announced in the Monthly Teacher Newsletter.

1. Teacher Code of Conduct & Ethics
2. Teacher Leadership & Teacher Network Policy
3. Teacher Scope of Practice
4. Teacher & Class Specifications
Would you like to continue this application, knowing you will be required to apply for certification, renew certification annually, be held to the Learning Environment Standards, and abide by the WAE Policies and Procedures? *
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