2020 Featured women interview questionnaire
Our Featured women interview questionnaire is a set of questions which are asked to determine if you are a good fit the publication of “EnVision Proven Success” It is aimed at knowing more about the life of a potential feature woman and better understanding their interests, past struggles and successes. The deadline to submit the questionnaire is Jan. 31, 2021

Feel free to be as candid and informal as you feel comfortable with in answering the following questions. We encourage you to share your responses in a separate document so you don’t feel constrained to the lines provided. Your responses will not be shared outside of EnVision Proven Success.

If chosen to be featured in the publication of EnVision Proven Success, we ask that you agree to promote the mission and vision of EnVision Proven Success and participate in our workshops and events.

Although all featured women receive complimentary admission to our signature event where EPS unveils the latest edition of the magazine, we ask that you agree to sponsor a table and invite others to attend, as well.

You are encouraged to share your resources and you are welcome to contribute to advertise your organization or business in the magazine. You can email us for details if that is something you’re interested in.

Interviews/Photo Shoot

We are truly grateful that you are willing to share your story as a healing process for yourself and for others.

Because we are required to meet strict deadlines for all interviews, and photos shoots we ask that you commit to making yourself available between January- March for interview, and April for photo shoot.

We realize you have other obligations and would appreciate it that you realize it is important to be mindful that our publication committee are all professional volunteers who are dedicating time, support, and expertise to ensure that the publication of EnVision Proven Success deadlines are met.

The dress code for the photo shoot will be business attire. Further information on what to wear will be provided closer to the date of the photo shoot.

All featured women are required to sign a press/photo release.
Thank you tor applying to share your story and make it an EnVision Proven Successful day.
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