Sip and Savour Trail Application
To apply to be part of the Sip and Savour Trail, please complete this application and submit your response. If you have any issues with this form, please contact Lanark County Tourism Association (LCTA) at

Applications will be juried and you will be notified if you have been accepted into the trail. Once accepted you will be required to complete a Memorandum of Understanding and payment will be due at that time.
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Type of Business *
If you are an accommodation, what is your food and drink element, or what food and drink business are you partnering with?
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Please provide a description of your proposed food and drink tourism experience. Please note that LCTA defines a food and drink experience as an experience in which visitors can learn about, participate in, or consume food and drink that reflects the local heritage and culture of Lanark County. *
Please explain what your experience will offer visitors, and how it is unique. How will the visitor benefit? How will the trail benefit from its inclusion? *
For restaurants/eateries, please provide a name and description of the Sip & Savour Trail menu item that will be featured by your business (photo will be required at a later date).
For accommodations, please outline the food and drink experience you will be offering and/or the food and drink destination with whom you will be partnering for the duration of the Sip & Savour Trail 2019-2021.
A copy of your responses will be emailed to the address you provided.
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