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Please choose one option from A to D in the following questions:
1. I haven't got.....
2. ..... orange juice in the fridge.
3. He goes to work..... .
5. We haven't got ..... mineral water.
8. Mark ..... fly to Hamburg tomorrow.
9. I have class .....
10. John is the manager, you need to speak to .....
11. I wanted a purple bike but they only had .....
12. He ..... breakfast yesterday.
15. I have to go to the bank ..... some money.
16. The room was empty. There ..... there.
17. I've lost my keys. I can't find them .....
18. We can't get there by 4:00 pm. There is ..... time.
19. He arrived ..... Tegel airport on Friday morning.
20. I haven't had lunch with my mother ..... a year ago.
21. There ..... spectators at the match.
22. The kitchen can't be dirty, he .....
23. He's looking forward ..... that film.
24. Don't start .....
25. He works at the theatre, ..... ?
26. Simon ..... in Berlin since 1992.
28. Has Mr. Müller arrived ..... ?
29. If I won the lottery, I ..... a house in the country.
30. Peter is ..... Jane to do it at this very moment.
31. Have you sent that fax to Mr. Smith? Yes, I've ..... done that.
32. "..... have you been waiting? "
33. They weren't surprised and nor ..... I.
34. I invited Mary out for a meal, but unfortunately she ...... dinner.
35. This is the cat ..... I saw.
36. ..... is it from Hamburg to Hannover?
37. You can meet me ..... you like.
38. I ..... working at night nowadays.
39. I have to catch the 5:00am train tomorrow, so I ..... go to bed late.
40. She ..... go to the dentist's yesterday.
41. That's the ..... of my worries, it'll never happen.
42. I wouldn't mind ..... tonight.
43. The man ..... in the corner is my boss.
44. "Those cases look heavy" "..... carry one for you?" "That's very nice of you."
45. Don't forget ..... those letters.
46. Where have you put my keys? I clearly remember .... them on the table last night.
47. You look tired. You ..... go to bed.
48. That was a great match. I'll never forget ..... Messi score that goal.
49. I thought you .....
50. They ..... last night, but I'm not sure.
51. We ..... better hurry up or we'll be late.
52. She worked hard yesterday and ..... type all the letters.
53. If I ..... you, I'd take the risk.
55. I couldn't mend the PC myself, so I ..... at a shop.
56. I wish I ..... a car, I'm tired of catching the s-bahn.
58. He ran so fast ..... being followed by a ghost.
59. ..... but I realised what he had done.
60. If you'd come to the theatre last night, you ..... the play.
61. I know he didn't thank you, but he .... have done so.
62. They laughed a lot last night. The film ..... very funny.
63. He wrote the programme ..... , he didn't need anybody's help.
64. ..... thinking that he would win the lottery.
65. If only I had had the courage to do this .....
66. Let's go to the theatre, .....
67. By this time tomorrow we ..... the meeting.
68. "We'll never be able to do it" said the man to nobody .....
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