SPARKworks Application
Do you have an idea for a bold girl-fueled project? An inspiring dream? An urgent action? Does your plan, idea or yet-to-be-imagined project improve the lives of girls or other young folks marginalized by gender? Are you 18 or younger, passionate about creating something, and in need of some resources and support to make your dream a reality? Welcome to SPARKworks! We can't wait to hear your idea. We are selecting our first cohort of SPARKworks Fellows who will each receive mentorship and training from experts & peer supporters, and up to $300 in funding. Interested? Complete this application (on your own or with friends!) by DEADLINE: FRIDAY, DECEMBER 21 and convince us to support you and ensure your ideas can come to life!
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Email *
Name (s)
Birthday(s) - or how old are you and your co-conspirators?
Hometown (City, State, Country)
How do you identify? (You can tell us about your race, religion, ethnicity, gender, interests, sexual orientation, background or anything else that you feel makes you YOU! - if you are a group, give a short description of each of you)
Describe your SPARKworks Project. What do you hope to do or create? (** This doesn't have to be a fully formed project yet - just the idea!)
Which category does your project fall under (you can choose more than one)?
Tell us about the need for your SPARKworks Project. Why is it necessary? How will it make an impact on girls you know -- or girls that you don't know?
Tell us a little bit about the history of this project. How did you come up with the idea? Have you started any part of it or is it brand new? (It's okay if it's brand new! You can just share what inspired you.)
Tell us more about YOU. Why are you the best person (or you and your friends the best GROUP) to lead this project? What experiences have you had that you feel have prepared you to do this work?
Do you have any local support already? Tell us about any friends, peers, collaborators, mentors, teachers, community organizations, etc., if any, who might help and support you to complete this project.
What do you imagine the biggest challenges will be? What are any of your strategies for overcoming them or who would you need some additional help and support from?
Tell us about the things that you think you will need to complete this project (example: money for materials, rental space, website hosting, copying, training or mentoring in ___________, etc...)
What's the rough timeline for the project? When do you hope to start and finish or are you flexible?
Anything else you want to share with us?
tHaNk yOu! THANK YOU! Thank You! thank you! We are already inspired by the passion and effort it took for you to complete this application. You will hear from us by end-of-December. If you have any questions, email
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