Financial Declaration
PLEASE READ CAREFULLY and follow the instructions below. If you have any questions please speak with one of our lawyers.

You will be asked to provide the following information:

Personal Information
Gross Monthly Income
Monthly Tax Deductions
Net Monthly Income
Monthly Expenses
Real Property
Personal Property
Financial Assets
Business Interests

Please be as accurate as possible. The information you provide could have a significant impact on your rights associated with alimony, child support, property division, and/or other financial matters in your case. Send us the following documents after you complete the financial declaration:

Any documents referred to in this financial declaration.

The following documents required by Utah Rule of Civil Procedure 26.1 to be attached to this Financial Declaration:

For the two tax years before the petition in this case was filed, complete federal and state income tax returns, including Form W‐2, Form 1099, and Form K‐1, and supporting tax schedules and attachments filed by you and by any entity in which you have a majority or controlling interest.

Pay stubs and other evidence of all earned and un‐earned income for the 12 months before the petition in this case was filed.

All loan applications and financial statements prepared or used by the party completing the financial declaration within the 12 months before the petition in this case was filed.

Documents verifying the value of all real estate in which the party has an interest, including the most recent appraisal, tax valuation and refinance documents.

All statements for the 3 months before the petition in this case was filed for all financial accounts, including checking, savings, money market funds, certificates of deposit, brokerage, investment, and retirement.

If any of the documents required to be attached to this Financial Declaration are not reasonably available or are in the possession of the other party, then estimate the amounts entered on this Financial Declaration, and complete Section 11 explaining the basis for the estimation and Section 12 explaining why the documents are not available.

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