Wicked Witchy-Ween 4
Application Deadline: September 18, 2019

Hunt Dates:
October 10~31, 2019

Theme - All about Halloween, Witches, Pumpkins, Candy, Brooms, Goblins, Vampires, etc... Get creative and have fun with it, anything goes!

Stores: 100
Sponsors: 15

This is a 1 Linden Hunt

Hunt Rating: This hunt this a mature rated hunt, No children/teen store will be accepted.

Starting Location:
15 Sponsor positions are available.

Sponsor fee is 200 Lindens - Please do not pay until you have been accepted.

Benefits of being a sponsor:
You will be in the top 2-15 positions, please understand they are assigned on a first come first serve basis.
You will be given access to send notices in group. (2 notices per week and not on the same day)
Your store logo will be placed on the blog page, also (new) I will be advertising with subscriber network and a magazine publication.
Brief timeline information:
September 18 2019 ~~~~~~~~ Applications Close
October 01 2019 ~~~~~~~~ Sponsorship fees are due today. ($L200 ~ Sponsors ONLY)
October 05 2019 ~~~~~~~~ Hints and Pictures are due today.
October 10 2019 ~~~~~~~~ **Hunt Starts*
October 31 2019~~~~~~~~ Hunt Ends

~ Please adhere to the time it is imperative.
~ We will do walk and make sure hunt is ready, please have your items out.
~ You must remain in the Sweet Intoxication Group the duration of the hunt and hunt posters need to be displayed in your store the duration of the hunt.
~ Marketplace store must advertise the hunt in store owners profile pictures.
~ Please do not apply for the hunt if you are not able to follow the rules and timeline.
Your Name: No display names please
Alternate contact person: No display names, or write N/A if none
Store Name:
SLurl or Marketplace Store (URL):
Name of person accepting all hunt related items: No display names. *Please note - items are no transfer and will not be sent to an alternate person.*
What do you sell:
Sim Rating:
Have you participated in a hunt as a merchant before? (it is not required we welcome new and return merchants.)
Would you like to be a Sponsor? Fee is 200 Lindens, please do not pay until you have been accepted.
Have you read all of our rules on the website?
Have you joined our group? (required) we can add an alt that checked often.
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