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A group name is required to get postcard kits from our web store.
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The estimated number of postcard writers, including the organizer. We require a minimum group size of 5.
How often do you organize postcard writing events?
Host postcard events at least monthly to keep people engaged, if possible. We only support groups that host postcard events at least every two months. You can organize in-person or virtual postcard writing events.
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We need this information for our inventory planning. If you're not sure, please enter an estimated start date.
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The name and location of all groups will be displayed on our group map (at your zip code - NOT at your mailing address). If you are accepting new members from the public, individuals who are interested in joining your group will be able to reach you through an anonymous email address and ask to join your group. This is a great way to expand your group and also offer others a way to contribute.
Do you need help with the cost of stamps, postcards, or other supplies? *
As part of our event starter kit, we include a printed label for a donation jar. Some groups are able to raise most of their material costs through cash donations during the event. We also provide an online fundraising option for you. If you're not able to raise enough funds for the group, we will do our best and help you fill in the gap.
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