Moorestown Township Public Schools Website and Brand Survey
Please help us improve our communications through the Moorestown Township Public Schools (MTPS) website and improve our brand by filling out this survey. Thank you!
Which school does your child attend? (check all that apply)
How frequently do you use these methods of communicating with, or receiving information from, the school or district?
Website ( or school website)
Facebook (MTPS official FB page)
Other official social media page
MTPS mobile "app"
Phone call
What word(s) do you feel describe the MTPS brand?
Your answer
How well do the district's websites and social media represent the MTPS "brand"?
Not at all
Extremely well
How can MTPS better represent the MTPS brand in web sites, social media, and other communications?
Your answer
I primarily visit the MTPS website using a
I visit the MTPS website for ....
1 - Never
5 - Frequently
District Announcements
School Announcements
Parent/Student Resources
Athletic Information
Genesis (student grades, attendance, etc.)
Menus/Lunch Program
Is there any other information on the website that you access fairly frequently?
Your answer
How often are you able to find the information you need by visiting the MTPS website?
What information, if any, have you NOT been able to find on the MTPS website?
Your answer
What improvements would you suggest for how information is provided to you through the MTPS website?
Your answer
How satisfied are you with the design (the "look and feel") of the MTPS website?
Not at all satisfied
Extremely satisfied
What Improvements would you make to the look and feel of the MTPS website?
Your answer
Thank you for taking the time to help us improve how we communicate to you!
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