OBMN Conference 2017 Call for Papers
Please disregard page number progression; all your responses will be recorded accurately.

In regards to submission, no data is required for your submission. You can choose between a 60 minute symposium (requires 3 presenters), a presentation (20, 30, or 60 minutes in length), and a 4 hour workshop.

Type of Talk
Specific, descriptive title, which clearly states the benefit of attending (140-character limit).
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Concise, clear, and jargon-free description of the theme/purpose of your presentation (1200-character limit).
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List two to four objectives that clearly identify what participants will get from your session. Your objectives should finish the thought, “Participants will be able to…”
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Why Participants will be interested
Include one summary sentence describing why participants will be interested in attending (280-character limit).
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