Summer Reading 2020-Imagine Your Story-Grades K-6. Registration Due May 28, 2020
Hello and thank-you for your interest in the Summer Reading Program for 2020. The Wallace FFA is happy to announce this year's theme: "Imagine Your Story". This is packet with fun books, lessons and crafts that will fire up and engage your young readers ages K-6. We invite you to fill out the information below to ensure that there is a packet available for your eager readers this summer. Packets will be available for pick up at the Faith Memorial Library in Wallace or can be mailed to you. Faith Memorial Library is open Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday 1-5pm. Packets will be available weekly beginning the week of June 15th-July 20th for a total of 6 weeks! There will be two lessons per week for a total of 12 lessons! Book readings will be posted on the Wallace School website and the Wallace FFA Facebook page. Enjoy!
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Week of June 15 Lesson 1: Japanese Monster Oni Masks *
Week of June 15 Lesson 2: Fairytale Ball *
Week of June 22 Lesson 3: Knight Training *
Week of June 22 Lesson 4: Watch out for Giants *
Week of June 29 Lesson 5: Dragon magic Stories and crafts *
Week of June 29 Lesson 6: Mermagic craft *
Week of July 6 Lesson 7: Family Tree Workbooks *
Week of July 6 Lesson 8: Local Legends around the Campfire *
Week of July 13 Lesson 9: Snip, Snap, Sew *
Week of July 13 Lesson 10: It’s All In the Shoes *
Week of July 20 Lesson 11: Rapunzel Palooza *
Week of July 20 Lesson 12: Microbes Storytime: The Spread of Germs! *
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