Frontline registration form
**Everyone planning a trip to the frontline, including if you are travelling as part of a group, needs out this registration so that we can keep manage numbers to stay within COVID restrictions and send you all the info you need to travel**

This form is for anyone who is planning travel arrangements to head to the frontline in Central Queensland - whether you have joined us here before, or not. It includes important information that will help us prepare for your arrival, and to help support you whilst you are here. Are you excited yet?!

Once you have registered here with your confirmed travel details, we will send you the final round of information that you need to get here via car, or what the airport/station pick up process is.

If you are considering flying, please try to find a ride instead of flying, in the carpooling facebook group.

Failing that you can post there to self-organise pick up from airport or station by another blockader.

If no one was able to help, that's fine you can email us at

For general info on travelling to the frontline, check out the Frontline Information Pack:


Following the outbreak of Covid-19 in Australia, we have developed a Covid-19 management plan in line with Queensland and Commonwealth Government health directives. If you plan to travel to Camp Binbee please ensure you have no symptoms of Covid-19, have filled out the online registration form and are not travelling from a current declared Covid-19 hotspot by the Queensland Government.

We also have extra precautions if you have recently travelled from a restricted Local Government Area. If you are unsure if you are travelling from a QLD restricted Local Government Area please check the QLD webiste here:
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Please tick here to confirm you are not travelling from, or have visited, a COVID declared hotspot in the last 14 days, and that you do not have any symptoms of COVID-19 if you are planning on travelling to the frontline. *
Please tick here to confirm where you are travelling from in QLD as we have extra precautions for those travelling from restricted Local Government Areas. *
If you are unsure if you are travelling from a QLD restricted Local Government Area please check the QLD webiste here:
Have you read and agree to follow the Participants' Agreement? *
Everyone who shares the frontline space is very serious about maintaining an inclusive and safe space for all. Please ensure you have read and agree to the following before continuing to complete this form:
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