Can you help me?
I'm thinking of making some spiffy new products using the HUP logo and quotes from Humbert, the fowl-mouthed parrot at the Parrot and Screwdriver pub. If this is all Greek to you no worries, just pick the quotes you think are funniest. Obviously if I've missed one you won't know but it's alright, I'm sure some folks who've read those bits will, so choose away anyway!

At the moment I'm thinking that the cups will be black or white with the logos in the header here on one side and the quote on the other. What do you think?
The first product I'm thinking about are badges/pins and mugs. They're print on demand so in theory, I can do as many as I like but I was thinking it would be smart to keep it to sets of six. All you have to do is pick your six favourite of these choice phrases - or if your favourite Humbertism isn't there, you can add it in the 'other' section. *
Are there any other particular products you'd like to see Humbert quotes on. *
Would you be interested in K'Barthan swearing on products? You know, Arnold's trousers! Arnold's toe jam! etc is there a particular favourite you'd like me to use.
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