This form is REQUIRED to be filled out for Fall 2018 Soccer Tryouts for the Arts Academy at Benjamin Rush. It is to be used by all current students AND incoming NEW students wishing to tryout. Tryouts are in August..exacts dates will be emailed to you
Student ID#
The number you use to get lunch. If you are going to be NEW to the School District of Philadelphia, you can leave this blank
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First Name *
Must be the full name on records not a selected name
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Last name *
Must be the name on records
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Grade in school in 2018-2019 *
Date of Birth *
MAKE SURE to place your BIRTH YEAR not this year
Graduation year *
assuming you graduate on time. This is also for state registration purposes
Check all of the years you played this sport in High School-INCLUDE THIS SEASON! *
INCLUDE Fall 2018 even if you do not make the team. Incoming 9th graders should act as if they are already students. Transfer students should include years you played at your old high school. This is also for state registration purposes
Player Email *
Must be your SCHOOL DISTRICT EMAIL. IF you are new to the School District of Philadelphia, place a personal email for NOW. The email will be changed in August when you have an ID assigned.
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Player Cell phone *
Will only be used in a special approved phone APP called Up-Active
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Parent First name *
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Parent Last name *
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Parent Email *
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Parent Cell *
for a sports communication app
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2nd or 3rd parent..see details *
For each additional parent/guardian, please place full name, email and cell phone in space below with relationship
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ZIP CODE of your home address *
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