StandWatch Internship Questionnaire
Thanks for your interest in the StandWatch Legislative Internship! Before we can move forward with the fun stuff, I need to know a little bit about you. Basically, with these questions, I'm trying to get a handle on your interests, relevant skills, and your general ability to think and reason. So please answer all of them in full. It shouldn't take you more than five minutes.
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As I mentioned in the internship description packet, we'll need team members to specialize in certain skills. Our primary objective is to learn how to work the political and legislative processes so that our common interests are promoted and advanced. This will require us to be experts at identifying problems, communicating our beliefs, understanding how politics work in the real world, working as a team, and advocating for change. At first, we'll be working on a common issue, most likely education reform. Later, after you develop an understanding of the process, we'll develop plans for issues that matter to you as individuals. For now, I want to know about your skills and interests. So answer the next few questions and we'll make sure you work in an area that interests you.
If given a choice, what job would you prefer to focus on?
Do you like to read?
Read the following excerpt from the book, "Tribe":
"The psychological effect of placing such importance on affluence can be seen in microcosm in the legal profession. In 2015, the George Washington Law Review surveyed more than 6,000 lawyers and found that conventional success in the legal profession—such as high billable hours or making partner at a law firm—had zero correlation with levels of happiness and well-being reported by the lawyers themselves. In fact, public defenders, who have far lower status than corporate lawyers, seem to lead significantly happier lives. The findings are in keeping with something called self-determination theory, which holds that human beings need three basic things in order to be content: they need to feel competent at what they do; they need to feel authentic in their lives; and they need to feel connected to others. These values are considered “intrinsic” to human happiness and far outweigh “extrinsic” values such as beauty, money, and status."

"Bluntly put, modern society seems to emphasize extrinsic values over intrinsic ones, and as a result, mental health issues refuse to decline with growing wealth. The more assimilated a person is into American society, the more likely they are to develop depression during the course of their lifetime, regardless of what ethnicity they are. Mexicans born in the United States are wealthier than Mexicans born in Mexico but far more likely to suffer from depression. Like corporate lawyers, they may have a harder time achieving the three pillars of self-determination—autonomy, competence, and community—and wind up with a higher rate of depression. By contrast, Amish society has an exceedingly low rate of depression because, it is theorized, many Amish remain utterly unassimilated into modern society—to the extent that they won’t even drive cars.“

"'The economic and marketing forces of modern society have engineered an environment… that maximize[ s] consumption at the long-term cost of well-being,' a study in the Journal of Affective Disorders concluded in 2012. 'In effect, humans have dragged a body with a long hominid history into an overfed, malnourished, sedentary, sunlight-deficient, sleep-deprived, competitive, inequitable, and socially-isolating environment with dire consequences.'”

Now, describe the most important thing the author is saying in 240 characters or less. *
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Technical Knowledge
If I gave you a camera and told you to go shoot B-Roll, what would you do?
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What video editing software have you used?
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Check all the social media apps you have used in the last 48 hours?
Have you ever worked with Wordpress?
Have you ever worked with Adobe Photoshop
Have you ever worked with Microsoft Excel or Access?
What was the largest group of people you have ever spoken to? *
Not all smart people have good grades grades. That's why I don't want to know what your GPA is, and would rather submit to torture than talk to you about standardized test results. Instead, I want students who are smart, have common sense, and are motivated to become leaders.

Do your best to answer all of the following questions. This is not a test, and you can't fail. I am simply trying to use proven methods to look beyond grades and gain an appreciation for your true capabilities as a student and leader. Be honest with yourself. Do not look up the answers.

If you had to choose, what activity would you like to do the most? *
Name five Presidents of the United States who served before 1992:
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What is the name of Dustin's cat?
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What color was the bandana tied to Eleven's arm?
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What arm was she wearing it on?
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Stuff That Will Make Your Head Hurt
Even if you don't know the answer, take a guess. Again, do yourself a favor and don't cheat. Give it your best shot.
What is the beginning of eternity, the end of time, the beginning of every end, and the end of every place? *
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A man builds a house rectangular in shape. All sides have southern exposure. A big bear walks by. What color is the bear? Why? *
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Leadership Traits
These questions will help us get a handle on your potential leadership style. Please read each one and select an answer.
Over the last 14 days, how many times have you been late to school (be honest)?
When was the last time you turned an assignment in late?
Situation: You have an assignment due but you are having trouble getting it done by the deadline. What do you do?
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When circumstances change, I struggle with deciding how to adjust. *
I feel threatened when someone criticizes me *
I ask people to do things that I will not do myself. *
I'm optimistic about life and can see beyond temporary setbacks and problems. *
When working with a team, I want to be recognized for my contributions. *
I am comfortable making decisions with limited information. *
The Last Question (I Promise)
In 140 characters, tell us why you want to be one of our interns? *
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