StandWatch Academy Questionnaire
Thanks for your interest in the StandWatch Academy. Before we can move forward with the fun stuff, I need to know a little bit about you. Basically, with these questions, I'm trying to get a handle on your interests, relevant skills, and your general ability to think and reason. So please answer all of them in full. DO NOT Google the answers. Displaying a lack of integrity while completing the application is an automatic disqualifier.

Please note that there are currently only 10 student slots available for this expedition. Your answers will help us in our selection process.

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Please upload an appropriate profile picture that we can use for your file. No full-body photos. Headshots are best. Selfies are fine. The photo will not be publicly released without your parent's permission. *
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Expedition Selection
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Legal Garbage
I understand that, unless I am told otherwise by Zac Northup, that I am not a mentor or staff member and will be required to raise money to pay my expenses for this expedition. *
I understand that submitting this application does not mean that I am accepted into the StandWatch Academy program, and that I will not be accepted until I receive an email saying so. *
As I mentioned during our meeting, we are currently recruiting students for our Summer Northwest Expedition. This expedition will heavily emphasize leadership development, civic engagement, and entrepreneurial skills. Our primary objective with this questionnaire is to identify students who are motivated, disciplined, have common sense, are physically able to do hikes and other adventure activities. You will also need to have the ability to communicate your beliefs, work as a team, and advocate for the things in which you believe. So answer the next few questions and we'll make sure you work in an area that interests you.
If given a choice, what job would you prefer to focus on?
Do you like to read?
Physical Fitness
A lot of what we will be doing revolves around hikes and outdoor activities. We do A LOT of walking, sometimes over challenging terrain. As such, we need to get an understanding of your general physical condition.
What is the longest distance you have ever walked or hiked? *
Have you ever played a school or team sport? *
If I told you that, today, you need to go out and walk 20 miles, can you do it? *
Do you have any physical limitations that might prevent you from doing a strenuous outdoor activity? NOTE: Answering yes to this is not an automatic disqualifier. *
If you answered yes to the previous question, please explain.
Not all smart people have good grades. That's why I don't want to know what your GPA is, and would rather submit to torture than talk to you about standardized test results. Instead, I want students who are smart, have common sense, and are motivated to become leaders.

Do your best to answer all of the following questions. This is not a test, and you can't fail. I am simply trying to use proven methods to look beyond grades and gain an appreciation for your true capabilities as a student and leader. Be honest with yourself. Do not look up the answers.

What was the largest group of people you have ever spoken to? *
If you had to choose, what activity would you like to do the most? *
Name five Presidents of the United States who served before 1992:
What is the name of Dustin's cat?
What color was the bandana tied to Eleven's arm?
What arm was she wearing it on?
Stuff That Will Make Your Head Hurt
Even if you don't know the answer, take a guess. Again, do yourself a favor and don't cheat. Give it your best shot.
What is the beginning of eternity, the end of time, the beginning of every end, and the end of every place? *
A man builds a house rectangular in shape. All sides have southern exposure. A big bear walks by. What color is the bear? Why? *
Leadership Traits
These questions will help us get a handle on your potential leadership style. Please read each one and select an answer.
Over the last 14 days, how many times have you been late to school (be honest)?
When was the last time you turned an assignment in late?
Situation: You have an assignment due but you are having trouble getting it done by the deadline. What do you do?
When circumstances change, I struggle with deciding how to adjust. *
I feel threatened when someone criticizes me *
I ask people to do things that I will not do myself. *
I'm optimistic about life and can see beyond temporary setbacks and problems. *
When working with a team, I want to be recognized for my contributions. *
I am comfortable making decisions with limited information. *
The Last Question (I Promise)
In 140 characters, tell us why you want to be part of StandWatch Academy? *
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