The Bearfoot Baker Reader Survey
Thank you so much for helping me to learn about you, my blog reader. I'm so excited to get to know you better and get your feedback. This will help me create the best content I can for you. I really appreciate your generosity in taking the time to answering these questions.
Are you male or female?
How old are you?
How often do you decorate cookies?
What would you consider your skill level to be?
Do you make cookies as a hobby or as a business?
How often would you say you visit TheThe Bearfoot Baker?
What is your favorite kind of post?
What are your favorite websites and blogs that you visit frequently?
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If a professional baker could teach you ONE thing, what would it be?
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When it comes to baking cookies, cakes and cupcakes what do you struggle with the most?
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Are you a blogger?
How long have you been a reader?
How'd you hear about The Bearfoot Baker?
How do you read The Bearfoot Baker posts?
Which social media platforms do you use DAILY?
What do you like least about The Bearfoot Baker?
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What do you like most about The Bearfoot Baker?
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Are there any specific cookie-related topics you would like to see covered on my blog?
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Do you have any other comments of suggestions for improving your experience as a reader?
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