Referral Form for The Brave House
This form is for attorneys, social workers, and other advocates in NYC who would like their client to become a member of The Brave House community! Once we receive a referral, we will contact the young person to welcome them into our Brave House community.

Your client is eligible to join The Brave House if:
1. They are between 16-24 years old;
2. They identify as female or are gender-non-conforming; and
3. They were born outside of the United States

We offer a wide range of free services, including:
1. Immigration Legal Support (on case by case basis for those under 21)
2. English Lessons
3. Mentorship Program
4. Career Advising / Resume Writing
5. Health Insurance Enrollment
6. Community & Wellness Events such as art therapy, mindfulness & meditation, dance class, self-defense class, indoor rock-climbing, college campus tours, museum visits, and more!  

At The Brave House, we love to encourage self-advocacy. If your client is interested in joining our community please encourage them to sign up here:  If they’re unable to sign up on their own please fill out this form for them. Thank you!
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