Bio & Adoption Application - Lucky
Meet Lucky! This sweet 1 year old Shepherd mix has the silliest personality and soaks up all of the belly rubs he can get. Lucky has three legs as a result of a birth injury but doesn't let it slow him down one bit.

Vaccinated: Yes - fully
Neutered: Yes
Microchipped:  Yes
Housetrained: Yes, fully 
Crate trained: Yes, quiet in crate 
Basic obedience: Yes - loves to learn and will benefit from a family who is happy to continue teaching him. 
Medical: Tripod, previously healed spinal fracture observable on x-ray. 
Behaviour: Does very well with socially savvy playmates. Can get overwhelmed if other dogs are relentlessly attempting to play with him. Prefers to eat his food in his crate due to previous food insecurity. 

Good with:
Kids: Yes, Lucky has previously lived with children and loves them!
Cats: Maybe - Dog savvy cats recommended
Dogs: Yes - Is being fostered with 2 resident dogs. Would love to have a playmate 

Lucky loves to spend time outside with his favourite people, playing fetch in the back yard, going for walks and most of all, swimming! He is a lover of all things water whether it is in his kiddie pool or a walk to a nice cool river. 

Adoption fee: $200 CAD

Lucky is currently being fostered in Calgary, AB. Adoption applications for him are being accepted across the USA and Canada.

Please note that submitting this application does not guarantee you adoption. It is simply a tool we use to help us both identify a good potential match for your family and lifestyle. A successful adoption depends on selecting the right dog for your household and a good understanding of Lucky's needs and care requirements. Please help us with this process by answering the following questions fully and completely. Incomplete applications will not be considered. Thank you for your interest in Lucky!
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