DISTRICT 29 SENATOR MAE FLEXER Towns: Brooklyn, Canterbury, Killingly, Mansfield, Putnam, Scotland, Thompson, Windham

Dear Senator Mae Flexer of the 29th District,

This is a PETITION TO OPPOSE SB568 & HB6423 the removal of any "NON-MEDICAL EXEMPTION" to Immunization For School Daycare & Higher Education in the state of Connecticut. This includes the Religious Exemption, also being referred to by members of the Public Health Committee as the, "NON-MEDICAL EXEMPTION".

The signatures of those opposed in this petition are strictly from your district. As YOUR constituents we ask you to protect the freedoms of Connecticut residents, by OPPOSING THE REMOVAL of ALL non-medical exemptions for public school vaccination requirements. We MUST allow all people to practice their beliefs without segregation and discrimination. Something this country is fighting so hard to preserve at this very moment in history. A person's right to choose is protected in our US constitution. Never has it been scientifically proven that this exemption has impacted the health of other people's children or other community members in Connecticut. We must ensure that the medical freedom of public/private school children and our communities is maintained in our state.

ZIP CODES: 06226, 06234, 06239, 06241, 06243, 06247, 06250, 06254, 06255, 06256, 06260, 06262, 06263, 06264, 06266, 06268, 06269, 06277, 06280, 06281, 06330, 06331

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