MOBILE E-SPORTS - Armajet 2.0 Beta Sign-Up
Fill out this form to become a Beta Tester for Armajet (iOS/Android). We will expedite submission of this form to Super Bit Machine every other day! - Mobile Esports
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In order to partake in the Armajet 2.0 Beta you are expected to have either a Google Play (@gmail email ONLY linked to your Android device) or TestFlight (AppleID email or Testflight email for iOS devices) account in which you can opt into the beta program.

You must insert the email you use ON YOUR DEVICE, or you will not be eligible to beta test Armajet. You will receive a confirmation on this email that allows you to download the game with a unique code and create an account.

Your device many not be compatible with Armajet Beta 2.0 due to performance reasons--please send an email to or join the official Armajet discord ( for more support.

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