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Admiration is not a strong enough word to describe those of you who are dealing with the mess of Medicaid in Iowa. Although you may feel alone in this struggle, you are not. We realize it can be uncomfortable sharing your story but stories are what make people care about the issues we are trying to bring awareness to. Many in the general public do not have a clue as to how Medicaid is impacting individuals with disabilities, families, friends and the people who are trying to provide the home care needed to live in the community. Your voice, your story MATTERS in creating the changes that need to happen. We thank you for your strength and keep up the fight!
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What issues have you are are you currently facing in regards to Medicaid, Waiver Services, or Caregiving? (For example, not getting paid, losing staff/caregivers because of the low pay, having to quit a job to provide care for a loved one, being dropped by an agency or agencies going out of business). Give details if you feel comfortable. *
How have the problems you mentioned above impacted your day to day life? *
How has privatized Medicaid changed how you are able to live at Home or interact with your community or for caregivers - how has it impacted your life or ability to provide care? (For example, getting out of the house more/less, more/less stress, please give examples) *
What changes to Medicaid would help solve the above issues? Our legislators are looking for suggestions and they need our input!
Would you be willing to be interviewed? Interviews may be used in podcasts, videos, newspaper articles/editorials and in messaging to legislators so people in the general public and elected officials can have a face and a name affiliated with the issues. It's harder not act on issues when you see the person, not just how much things cost. But we will make the best effort to share any of the above with you, to get your approval before posting material with your story. *
Thank you!!
If you indicated willingness to be interviewed, we will be in contact!
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