HBS Startup Bootcamp Application
To be considered for enrollment in Startup Bootcamp, please submit this form before 5 PM on Friday, November 4.

BEFORE YOU APPLY: We urge you to thoroughly review the program description, requirements, and application process here http://www.hbsstartupbootcamp.com

If you are applying as part of a team of HBS RC students who wish to enroll in the Bootcamp and work on your venture together, we ask that you designate one team member to submit some information about your venture concept. That designated team member's response to Question 3 below should be "I am submitting a concept proposal on behalf of a team." Other team members' responses should be "I am part of a team…"

NOTE: If you wish to change your participation category after you've applied, please submit another application; we'll base our decision on your most recent application.

Questions? Email Halah Alqahtani: halqahtani [at] hbs [dot] edu

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