Open up the BiomeViewer that is published by HHMI ( Work through the questions below with a partner and be prepared to discuss your answers
Names (Last, First) - Include the names of both partners *
1. Drop the pin somewhere outside of North America. Where specifically did you place your pin and what type of biome is your pin in? Explain what temperatures and precipitation trends you might experience in that location over the course of a year.
2. How many reptiles, amphibians, and mammals are indigenous to that particular location? What types of characteristics would you expect the animals to have there and why?
3. Compare your biome to that of a nearby groups (do a compare and place the second pin as close to the other groups location as possible). Explain how the characteristics of the two biomes compare (make sure you include the biome and location that you are comparing).
4. Try to find a biome that has the greatest range of extremes in terms of temperature and precipitation. Which biome is it and what are the variations? What effect does it seem to have on the number of species compared to your other biomes?
5. Try to find the highest concentration of animals. Which biome is it and where? Why did you search in that particular area for highest concentration?
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