Bedrock Minecraft Application
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By submitting this application, I agree to the following: I understand that I may lose items due to crashes, rollbacks, or lags. I understand that this map is not permanent, though the library will try to provide warning before a realm reset. I understand that I will age out on my 19th birthday, and will no longer have realm access. I understand that realm access will not be granted until a librarian has spoken with a parent/guardian. *
The Code of Conduct for this server is as follows: I will respect other players and be courteous. I will not grief (intentionally destroy or steal other player's builds or items). I will not swear or use inappropriate language/symbols in chat, signs, or builds. I will not bully or harass others. I will not spam the chat. I will not allow anyone to use my Minecraft account or share realm log in information. I understand that failure to follow this Code of Conduct will result in the suspension of server privileges. A 1st offense will result in a ban of one week. 2nd in a ban of 3 months. 3rd in a ban of 6 months and the player and parent/guardian will need to meet with a librarian before realm privileges are restored. A player may receive a more severe punishment if the library determines the severity of the offense warrants it. By submitting an answer of I agree below, I acknowledge and agree to these rules. *
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All content made available as part of the Oneonta Public Library’s Minecraft realm (including any chat messages, signs, & builds) and any opinions, advice, statements, or other information contained in any messages posted or transmitted by any third party are the responsibility of the author of that message and not of Oneonta Public Library (unless Oneonta Public Library is specifically identified as the author of the message). Any messages posted on or transmitted using the Oneonta Public Library Minecraft realm do not reflect the opinions of the Oneonta Public Library. We encourage players to report any objectionable content, with screenshots if possible, to The realm is not monitored 24/7. *
As the (player's name) parent/guardian, I agree that I am aware my t(w)een is requesting access to a Minecraft realm provided by the Oneonta Public Library. I understand that my t(w)een will be able to interact remotely with other library users through this online game. I understand that my t(w)een may lose realm access privileges for poor conduct which includes destroying/stealing other player's builds/items, using inappropriate language, bullying/harassing other players, spamming, allowing someone else to use their account or sharing server login information, and/or other behavior deemed inappropriate by library staff. I grant permission for my t(w)een to be given access to Oneonta Public Library's Minecraft realm. By selecting I agree, I am agreeing to all the conditions included in this application, and agree to be contacted for confirmation. *
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