Women Afield Hunt Application
Eligibility Requirements: Please read the eligibility requirements thoroughly before applying for a hunt.

1) Applicant must have completed a Hunter Education Course.
* Apprentice Hunter Certificates will not be accepted.

2) Hunters must be female and 18 years of age or older.

3) License Requirements:
Small Game: Colorado Small Game License, Harvest Information Program Number (HIP), Habitat Stamp
Waterfowl: Colorado Small Game License, Harvest Information Program Number (HIP), Habitat Stamp
State AND Federal Waterfowl Stamps
Big Game: If selected for a hunt, you will be notified of proper license.

4) Firearm Requirements:
Small Game/ Waterfowl: Shotgun and Proper Ammunition
* Shotguns capable of holding more than three shells must be plugged.
Big Game: Hunters are required to supply their own rifle and factory loaded ammunition
* .243 or larger for deer and pronghorn and .270 or larger for elk

5) Participants are expected to remain at the hunt site for the full duration of the event.

6) The applicant must agree to participate in post event surveys to allow Colorado Parks and Wildlife to improve our outreach program.

7) Priority will be given to applicants who are new to hunting and whose family/friends are new to hunting.
* Hunting history may be verified by the Hunter Outreach Coordinator.

8) If you have participated in a Colorado Parks and Wildlife Hunter Outreach Program big game hunt in the past, for any species, you are NOT eligible to apply for a second big game hunt BUT you may apply for small game or waterfowl.

I have thoroughly read and understand the eligibility requirements to apply for a hunt through Colorado Parks and Wildlife's Hunter Outreach Program. *
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