Teton Pass Corridor Study: Capital & Operational Options & Scenarios
Thank you for participating in this form for public and stakeholder feedback on the Teton Pass Study Capital & Operational Options & Scenarios. Please use the form below to provide any comments, questions, or other considerations on the draft memorandum locate at the Teton Pass Corridor Study website here: https://highways.dot.gov/federal-lands/projects/wy/flap-dot-22-1

There is no limit on the number of submissions through this form, so feel free to complete it all at once, in portions, or multiple times.

Hagen Hammons | Community Planner
FHWA Central Federal Lands
720.963.3359 | hagen.hammons@dot.gov
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4. What feedback do you have for the project team on the Operational Interventions section (the recreational shuttle and parking management program)? (pages 5 - 32):  a. Multimodal Access Focus b. Vehicular Access Focus c. Transit Access Focus
5.  What feedback do you have for the project team on the Considered Capital Improvements section? (pages 33 - 47):  a. Improved Access Area: Phillips Bench b. Considered Access Area: Phillips Bench c. Considered Access Area: Teton Pass Summit d. Improved Access Area: Teton Pass Summit e. Improved Access Area: Coal Creek f. Environmental Focus: Wildlife Crossings g. Environmental Focus: Avalanche Sheds
6. What other comments, questions, or considerations do you have for the project team on the Capital & Operational Options & Scenarios or any other aspect of the project?
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