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Thank you for your interest in Winchester Cookie. As you may know we have decided to relocate out of state by late September and thus we had to put the business on indefinite hiatus with little notice to our customers. Based on over two years of being in business, we believe this company can thrive and grow under the right leadership. Our founding principles were predicated on providing excellence to the total client experience whether that was a phone or text interaction, in-person delivery, and of course, the cookies themselves. It is one thing to make a cookie and drive it to an address; it is another thing entirely to make the experience exciting for the first time or return customer and to make them feel valued and appreciated through the products & services we provide.

Our hope is that an individual or group of like-minded entrepreneurs would have this same alignment of values and continue this business forward. Is this you? Do you have what it takes to run your own company? This is where we can come in to help get you started. We have tracked every sale through Square since inception, reported all taxes to the appropriate taxing authorities, and worked with the VA Dept of Agriculture & Consumer Services to certify and maintain our home-based kitchen. This is not as hard as it may sound, we can get you started. We use G-Suite services (Google Voice, Email, Drive) which allows multiple individuals to take orders and communicate with the tone of the brand--from wherever you may be. We own the web hosting site, the domain names & which is Wordpress-based, so you may DIY like we did with a pagebuilder like Elementor, or there are many web designers in town that are customers and would probably be interested in working with you to do whatever you want with the website and take it to the next level. We think it's time for a custom app to help automate the order process--but this is for you to decide.

We have not determined the price of the business nor what a transfer of the intellectual property (logo, website, recipes, etc.) may look like, but we are open to several ideas and the the purchase would include licensing rights to all current recipes for use in the Winchester/Frederick County area but there may be some limitations we would need to talk through.

As we are in the currently focused on getting our home ready to sell and the actual move, our time is very limited to engage at this very moment. So, we would like to start the conversation by learning more about you. We will review all received responses as able then we would like to follow up with everyone within the next two weeks to then determine next steps. Also, we value your privacy--all responses will be kept in strict confidence.

Thank you for your interest in Winchester Cookie!
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