Milwee Band Solo & Ensemble Festival Sign up
The 2019 FBA Solo & Ensemble Festival provides students an opportunity to learn a piece of music (from a selected music list) and perform their music in a formal setting for a judge. Students will receive valuable feedback on their performance, as well as earn a rating based on their Tone Fundamentals, Technical Preparation, and Musical Effect. Students who earn the highest, "Superior" rating will also receive a medal they may wear on their band uniform at concerts.

Please add the dates of the festival to your calendar now, before you sign up, to make sure you will not have any conflicts:

Friday, February 22nd and Saturday, February 23rd. The location will be at Hagerty HS.
Please keep both dates in your calendar open, as students may be scheduled for either day of the festival.

Before completing this form, you will need:

-- The Title, Composer and (possibly) the Arranger of the song.
For students using one of the " Solo Packets" passed out in class or found in your band book, this information can be found directly on the sheet of music you plan on performing.

If you don't know this information, please see Mr. Autrey before or after school to receive any missing details.

Are you signing up for a Solo (most students) or a small ensemble? *
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